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Give your love what they really want so you can get what you want for valentines day

So what do women really want for valentines day? Well that really depends on the woman. However most want to get jewelry, chocolates, flowers, or lingerie.


Keychain charms by Jamleewicks

Know your woman. Some women want a gift they can keep so flowers are out unless they want to go thru the whole process of pressing them (hint most don’t) and I don’t think yo
u can keep chocolates not without getting bugs. However if you’re a smart man cover all your bases and get it all (flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and lingerie).


The key here is know your wife or girlfriend get them things you know they like, know what flowers are their favorite (not everyone likes roses and I’m sure you don’t want to spend $80 on something they don’t like). By the way for those of you that may not be sure valentines day is February 14th. There are many ways to get your love what she wants for flowers you can simply call a local florist and have them delivered you can also order them from sites like 1800 flowers you don’t even have to leave the house the same goes for chocolates you can order entire gift baskets too. Another hint for you is getting her jewelry most women don’t want something that everyone else has go for the one of a kind gifts has loads of options for you to select from but don’t wait until the last minute or you won’t get what you need.


Butterfly earrings by Jamleewicks

This is your helpful guide to valentines day written by a woman. So if you do all of the above and splurge for a nice romantic night you just might be getting a little gift for your self for valentines day (if you know what I mean ;)). Thanks for reading feel free to leave comments below.
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