Monthly Archives: April 2016

This morning I realized…


This morning I woke up and started my day just like I have for the last 6 months.

  1. check my etsy
  2. Do the normal routine for most (bathroom etc.)
  3. get started on what I wanted to do today. list new products, or design a new decal
  4. promote my links all over
  5. since by this point my daughter is up its time to feed her

So in all honesty I am not really accomplishing anything, not to include I need to also do the normal house work that needs to be done. So by the end of the day I am completely worn out, stressed out, and ready to pull my hair out.

So here’s the plan I need a schedule and a routine because there are some days I realize that I have fed my daughter breakfast lunch and a few snacks and haven’t eaten anything myself. Not doing myself any favors there.

Priorities in my routine need to be reevaluated and that is exactly why I am taking the day off today to collect a major list of to-do’s and start planning out my time.

My goal for now is to have an idea of what my days need to look like by the end of the weekend and by next Friday I can return here with a great plan and be fully ready to implement it. Who’s with me, I know I cannot be the only one feeling like their lives need new direction.