Parenting my child

    I am forever and always looking for help with how to parent my child. Even though I feel like I had a good amount of knowledge before having her since I went to school to become a teacher. I figured out pretty quickly that what I thought I would do and what happened were two different things.
   Starting out I was all about teaching her and letting her grow to be who she wanted to be. I created a highly independent child that is extremely strong willed. I sometimes find myself saying “why did I teach her so much”. Ultimately I did create the situation I’m in not knowing how to handle her sometimes, but if I had done things differently would she have turned out different? My guess to that is probably not. She is like me I am strong willed and learn things on my own, so if I hadn’t been right there teaching her it probably would have happened eventually.
    When there is something that she wants to know about she figures it out. Just yesterday she managed to open the window in her bedroom which has locks on it that were locked. Now I am really thankful that we have secured screens and the window is only a few feet of the ground. However it is scarry to relate that your 5 year old could open the window and climb out anytime she wanted.
    One thing that I do with my child is I explain the consequences of actions. Like what could happen if she were to open that window and fall out. She understands that she could possibly break a bone and have to goto the doctor. I personally find it hard to punish her for learning new things but in cases like this it could be a fatal incident.
     So today I sat down and looked up some ways that other parents handle these strong willed children. Well I can’t say I really learned how I should handle it because every child is different and it seems everyone has to go thru all plans A-F and still aren’t sure that they are able to ultimately deal with the issue. I feel that ultimately it is all trial and error with each individual child and you must have a lot of patience.
  Some of the articles I read are below. I am sure I am not the only parent that deals with raising a strong willed child and sometimes feeling hopeless.
   Enjoy and feel free to comment or share. ☺




And of course a book since I am a book lover



About Jamleewicks

I am a recently sahm of an independent 5yo and working toward buidling my new business Jamleewicks. In October 2015 I was put out of work due to some pretty ugly migraines that were caused by stress and tension. Since then I have been learning to be a house wife, stay at home mom, and a business owner.

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