New listings in my Etsy shop

Spent yesterday working on some new things for my etsy shop and had a lot of fun. I have always liked knitting and have been working in loom and arm knitting. A few days ago I decided I would try a hat well the first one didn’t come out too great but I love the second one which is frozen inspired my daughter is in love with both even the not so hot one. For me it is so hard to get my daughter to dress for the weather she wants to wear snow boots in the summer and shorts and flip-flops in the winter so knowing that the hat I made was frozen inspired she wanted it right away and there was no fuss when it came to wearing it since the evenings in NC are getting so much colder and it only gets colder in January.


Frozen inspired kids winter hat

I have been wanting to use my cricut to make a chalkboard chore chart of family calendar for a while now. We’ll yesterday I finally did it not to include wound up slicing my forehead open when my daughter came running in my room. Not too happy about that but I am happy with the chore chart. I have listed it in my Etsy shop and have left it open for customization so that it can be changed into a family calendar, work schedule or many other things.


Family and kids chalkboard chore chart
The last thing I completed yesterday is another set of throw pillows and these are faux leopard print. You have to feel them they are so plush and soft. I can’t imagine anyone will be uncomfortable om your couch with these ultra comfy pillows.


Ultra soft leopard print throw pillows
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About Jamleewicks

I am a recently sahm of an independent 5yo and working toward buidling my new business Jamleewicks. In October 2015 I was put out of work due to some pretty ugly migraines that were caused by stress and tension. Since then I have been learning to be a house wife, stay at home mom, and a business owner.

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