About the owner of Jamleewicks

Welcome to Jamleewicks we strive to help you with all your needs. I opened this store to supplement my income and now I am currently out of work for health issues so it has become a full time thing for me. I really wanted to open this business to share with everyone the things I create. I have recently gotten into wreath making and thoroughly enjoy it it is like a window to your soul and home. When someone chooses a wreath for their door they want something that expresses who they are and resembles their home Jamleewicks is here to help you do that. Since I am a sporadic kind of person I cannot keep to one thing so we also carry scarves, home decor, and whatever else I come up with. We also accept custom orders so please message us with your needs like I said I am sporadic and love trying new things. Another thing that I have recently gotten into is baking, my mom and I have been working on custom cakes and I love it. My absolute favorite thing to make is chocolate covered cherries! Who doesn’t love them? Well enough about me I would like to get to know you please contact me at john.jamleewicksandmore@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting Jamleewicks!


About Jamleewicks

I am a recently sahm of an independent 5yo and working toward buidling my new business Jamleewicks. In October 2015 I was put out of work due to some pretty ugly migraines that were caused by stress and tension. Since then I have been learning to be a house wife, stay at home mom, and a business owner.

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